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Our activities are mainly focused in two general fields:

1. To provide serviced apartments and total care during the Client's stay.
2. To provide Complete Project Management
Serviced apartments - ideal for business or holiday

Why Serviced Apartments?
Serviced apartments are rapidly becoming the way to stay for the leisure and business traveller alike, requiring accommodation for more than a few nights.
- an ideal location at affordable price
- perfect matching for business executive
- spacious modern development
- 1, 2 and 3 bedroom serviced residences
- Minimum stay - 1 night
- Long & short term stay available (preferential rates for long stay)

What can Expect I in my Apartment?
- CCTV/VIDEO/DVD and Stereo
- Maid service is provided either two, five or seven times a week.
- Kitchens are equipped with full cooking utilities. Crockery and cutlery

Will I Feel Safe Staying in an Apartment?
Yes, probably even more so than in a hotel. All apartments are equipped with alarm systems and are connected to a Security Company.
The apartments are approved by many Embassies and Diplomatic Missions.

What are the financial savings?
The general rule of our company is that the apartment cost should be some 35% or even more below the cost of an ordinary double room in an equivalent standard hotel.

What else?
We can be your guide in Bulgaria during your stay. We are able to offer you our assistance in client's registrations, sightseeing, rent a car, airplane tickets, tourist services etc.

GREAT, what can I do?
Call our office and we will take care of everything within hours.

Complete project management.
Variety's aim is not to be a traditional business "consultant" but to work with clients from start to finish, creating (strategic) added value for them at each stage of the project's cycle, thereby reducing their exposure to risks and improving their potential financial returns. Our project management includes:
- Project Administration;
- Payroll procedures and staff related matters;
- Legal and accounting services;
- Translation and interpreting services;
- Rent a car with/without a driver;
- Human resources;
- Legal services;

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telephone: +359 2 963 31 51 | email: office@variety-bg.com                                          

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