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Project management

   Variety's aim is not to be a traditional business "consultant" but to work with clients from start to finish, creating (strategic) added value for them at each stage of the project's cycle, thereby reducing their exposure to risks and improving their potential financial returns.

Our company provides a range of business development services to both public and private clients:

  • Supporting and guiding foreign clients in their entry into, and expansion in the emerging markets of Bulgaria
  • Founding a local entity or representation
  • Working as a main contractor/subcontractor, representing a foreign entity
  • Guiding foreign clients in developing relations with Bulgarian strategic and financial partners
  • Complete project management including:
    Project administration;
    Payroll procedures and staff related matters;
    Legal and accounting services;
    Business translating and interpreting;
    Car rental with/without a driver;
    Human resources;
    Legal services
    Variety Ltd. focuses on providing full support and advisory services related directly to existing and potential business partners in our country. This is a market niche where Variety has proven experience and competence. The core activities span the following principal areas.

    -Furnished living accommodation and total care during the Client's stay.
    -Marketing, auditing, accounting, business plans.
    -Appointments and meetings: Arranging a program of extensive appointments and confirming series of meetings with local key contacts normally identified by our offices.
    -Logistical support: Organizing logistical support for market visits (e.g. airport pick-up and drop off, car or driver, hotel reservations), obtaining tender documents, attending tender opening.
    -Business support services: Arranging translation, interpretation, temporary business center facilities, office space, or professional services such as in-depth market research consultations.
    -Participation in events: Organizing logistical support such as space at trade fairs, and local marketing events such as seminars and conferences.
    -Temporary office or display space: Arranging general office space or meetings space for client representatives.

    ...and are als-open t-respond t-Client's requests.

    Our team has been working as:
    -Main subcontractor under international agreement between Bulgarian and United Statement Government for three years (force management, acquisition, and force integration towards the Ministry of Defense; participation in a working group for changes in judicial system of Bulgaria).
    -Current subcontractor under second international agreement between Bulgarian and United States Government (Bulgaria joint conflict and tactical simulations).
    -Managing body in governmental projects between Bulgaria and the Netherlands for tw-years (development of the SME sector, matchmaking between Bulgarian and Dutch IT Companies, etc.)

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    telephone: +359 2 963 31 51 | email: office@variety-bg.com                                          

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