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Our Company

   Variety Ltd. is a Bulgarian company. From years of experience we have formulated a unique approach, which has proven effective in getting the optimum price matched with the best quality. Variety takes pride in always being available to the customer with prompt and individualized service. We've built our reputation on reliability, attention to detail, and uncompromising service, continually creating successful results for our clients.

Variety's aim is not to be a traditional business "consultant" but to work with clients from start to finish, creating (strategic) added value for them at each stage of the project's cycle, thereby reducing their exposure to risks and improving their potential financial returns.

We provide the very highest standards of service while at the same time maintaining the special, personal care and attention that makes us unique.

Our good reputation is totally based on our reliable and conscientious team.

Variety Ltd. is a team of conscientious, reliable and positive people. "Keep on smiling" is the motto of the team. The smiling person always brings a positive feeling to the way of work. The positive attitude towards work is the key to success.

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telephone: +359 2 963 31 51 | email: office@variety-bg.com                                          

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