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Our apartments
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All our apartments are situated in the Very City Center

In this section you’ll see a selection of Variety’s apartments.

You can choose between

- one bedroom apartments:

-         CCTV/VIDEO/DVD and Stereo
-         Maid service is provided either two, five or seven times a week.
-         Kitchens are equipped with full cooking utilities. Crockery and cutlery  

- two bedroom apartments:

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Real Estates -
RENT/BUY PROPERTY - We give our Customers the possibility of buying property or managing their investment in the country. We work with high professionals in International Law and well known, reliable Notaries.

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Office Relocation Services
In order to offer our Clients the highest possible standard of service, we have developed an extensive and impressive range of contacts. No matter what service our Clients require, we know who best provides it.
Our own consultants carry out all our services and all Client facing activities. Some additional activities are carried out by external contractors, selected because their level of service matches our own very high standards.
Variety Ltd. can offer assistance in every aspect of the relocation process. We realize every case is different and offer a targeted and personalized service. Our relocation consultants will seek to tailor an individually suitable package for each Client.

We offer a broad range of services such as:

  • Human resources
  • Cars/garages
  • Accountant services
  • Import/export assistance (duties, taxes, other formalities)
  • Interpretation
  • Banks and banking operations
  • Juridical consultation
  • Advertising and publishing assistance
  • Personal ID registrations
  • Airplane tickets
  • Tourist service, sightseeing, etc.

We provide all the equipment and information you need:
  • Office equipment
  • Mobile phones
  • Reliable currency exchange bureaus, etc.

    We can help you to establish contacts with different institutions and Ministries in our country. In case your stay is longer, we are glad to give you an opportunity to get to know our country. For your best time in Bulgaria we offer you wide range of accommodations, excursions, one-, two- or more day trips as well as sightseeing tours to different regions of Bulgaria.

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telephone: +359 2 963 31 51 | email: office@variety-bg.com                                          

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